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Receive high quality chemical products like Ultra Fine Iron Powder, Tungsten Carbide Powder, etc.
About Us

When we first began our company, Aum Industry in the year 1999, our ultimate focus was to be at the forefront of the chemical industry. We faced many obstacles on our path to success, but with the support of our never-ending determination, we were fortunate to secure a notable market position. We have grown to become a globally renowned manufacturer, supplier, wholesaler and exporter of a broad variety of chemical products that are well-liked by many customers in the market. Black Silicone Carbide Powder, Nano Copper Powder, Ultra Fine Iron Powder, Gold Bronze Rich Powder, High Purity Tungsten Powder, etc., are just a few examples of our products. Our presence has progressively increased over the years, and we intend to continue to excel and attain unimaginable success in the future.


Many stakeholders made a significant contribution to our business success, but the most important input comes from our team, which have been constantly focused on performance and growth. With unceasing contributions and dedication of our team members, our organisation has established an excellent market position. Our team members concentrate on a number of criteria for sustaining excellence, such as the following:

  • They ensure that requests of clients for the best chemical products are addressed as satisfactorily as possible.
  • They carefully review all processed goods against a variety of industrial-level standards before delivering them to customers.
  • They make every effort to process all orders in a reliable, safe, and timely manner.
  • They treat each and every customers with the utmost respect and courtesy in our company.

Maintaining Quality

It is critical for companies dealing in chemicals to maintain good quality levels across their product range in order to thrive in the industry. Our company too adheres to the highest quality standards, allowing us to develop a high-quality product portfolio. We have Nano Copper Powder, Gold Bronze Rich Powder, Black Silicone Carbide Powder, High Purity Tungsten Powder, Ultra Fine Iron Powder, and many more chemical goods under our vast assortment. Our extremely competent & hardworking workforce guarantees that quality is prioritized in the processing of all of the chemical goods. In addition, the material utilized in the packing of our chemical products is of high quality for facilitating secure shipment.

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